Who You Are

You are a career driven woman in your early 30s to late 40s. When first you started in your career, you were confident in yourself and your skill set. But it’s been years since you’ve felt that same fire you entered this field with, and now you’re considering transitioning to a new role, or even a new field.

The Issues You Face

You’ve been kept down by your work environment, where you may very well be one of the only women on your team. You’ve watched your male employees thrive, but you feel yourself falling behind. You want to pursue other passions and opportunities, but you feel stuck. You question the value of the skills that you bring to the table. You wonder if you’re smart enough. You find yourself second guessing your decisions and comparing yourself to those around you at work, or even during an interview. You hold back on speaking up, because every time you try, the words never seem to come out right. Your personality doesn’t convey the confidence that you know you have. Your job is becoming more of a task rather than something you love and are passionate about because the fire is gone.

You’re ready to get ahead, to let your talents shine — but you’ve been in the background for so long you that you really don’t know how to come out of the dark in order to move forward. Although it’s never been an issue before, you find yourself becoming unsure of your value and worth; resulting in you staying at a job where you’re possibly being underpaid and leaving you doubtful that are better opportunities out there.

You’re starting to feel drained because you’re constantly working to prove yourself, and worrying about what others think all the time. You would like to take the lead in your career, but with every thought there’s a little voice inside that says,You’re not good enough.”  You’ve been at it for some time now, but you’re still struggling to find a work-life balance. You see your co-workers who are without family obligations stay in the office after hours when you have to get home to get dinner going, kids to soccer, piano; you don’t have the luxury to sit in an office all day. You have a life. You’re frustrated and tired of going through the motions. You can feel yourself slowly losing the motivation and love for a career that once brought you great joy.

You’ve probably thought about seeking professional guidance for your dilemma, but you’re worried that there might not be anyone who understands your position, and the unique struggles you face as a woman working in the male-dominated tech industry.

What You Need Most Right Now

You need someone who has walked in your shoes and can help you leverage your distinct skills and talents with a new, stunning and professional resume that stands out in the pile. You want to work with someone who has knowledge of the tech companies that are seeking to hire talent — someone who knows what these companies are looking for, and can help structure and define your career path with accountability to meet each milestone along the way.

You want guidance on how to negotiate a strong salary to get paid what you’re worth.  You want to experience a greater self-awareness and to no longer be passive about your feelings and needs. You need clarity and to feel a renewed excitement for the direction you’re going in. With this new excitement, you’ll begin to feel inspired because what you thought wasn’t attainable in your life or career, you can clearly see that it is.

You want have on fire” confidence in ‘EVERYTHING’ you say and do; no longer fearful of speaking up for your values and worth.

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