loveyourjob-ericambaityRemember how you felt when you first started your job? You were eager to be a team player. You had an overwhelming desire to do well, and the drive to exceed expectations from all.

But now, you find yourself hitting the snooze button a little more frequently. You come into work later than usual. It’s become a chore to get even the simplest tasks done.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably got a case of the “tired of my job” blues — and it happens to the best of us. Just like any relationship, the one you have with your job comes with its highs and lows.

If the honeymoon phase has worn off, and you find yourself struggling to run off of fumes, here are six actions you can take to reignite that spark, and fall in love with your job all over again!

1) Reminisce about the early times

Think about what sparked your interest in your job at the beginning. There was something that made you love your job. Was it the opportunity to learn new technology? The ability to interact with adults after working at home for years?

Whatever the reason, take time to reflect on it and identify where and why the love began to fade.

You may discover that you’ve been consumed by other things, causing you to be distracted from the tasks which helped you enjoy your job initially.

When you’re clear on what sparked the love of your job in the beginning, you’ll be able to map out what caused the love to fade, and your path to making it right again will be much clearer.

2) Bring fun back into the office

Is your office life boring? If I worked at an office where everyone has their faces buried in their work, never once looking up to acknowledge one another, and the only sounds are keyboards being pecked at, I would hate going to my job too!

Brainstorm ways to bring life back to your office. It could be as simple as planning a group lunch every Friday, or having a weekly wind down, where everyone in the office takes 30 minutes to relax and mingle.

Fun human interaction can do wonders for work productivity, and you’d be amazed at how much better you’ll feel after taking the time to get to know your co-workers on a less formal level.

3) Shadow someone you admire at work

You’re not the only employee in your organization. When the love is fading, it may be time to tango with a new role.

See what the other departments are doing within your office, and work with HR and your boss to shadow another team member for a day. You may find that your work is easy peasy compared to others within your organization. Or, you may luck out and find a new passion!

4) Talk to your boss

Any job should have an open line of communication to talk with management about the issues that are pressing you.

Let your boss know that you’re seeking additional projects that will challenge you beyond where you are now. If your boss is a good team builder, they should understand your issue and be willing to accommodate you.

Who knows, there could even be some work in the pipeline that you could be tagged to lead!

5) Take a few days off

When was the last time you took a vacation? I’ve worked with people who have lost weeks and weeks of vacation time because they never actually scheduled any time off!

Vacation is offered for a reason: because your employer doesn’t want you to burn out!

Removing yourself from the office and disconnecting for a few days might be just what you need to help rekindle the love between you and your job. Take a break from the meetings, the sleepless nights of coding and presentation preparations.

It’s time to make some time for you! As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

6) Learn a new skill outside of work to bring back to the office

Sometimes you have to step outside of your current role to find and reignite your passion. I’m an advocate for employees learning as much as they can — at their company’s expense, of course. Don’t let your training budget money go to waste!

Do some research on the latest technology or software for your industry, and see how it can be introduced into your current role. Take a class and teach your teammates what you learned.

The thrill of learning something new may give you the extra push that you need!

If you feel the love is fading, and are unclear as to where to start to get your passion back on track, schedule a complimentary career strategy session with me. We’ll work together to put the love back into your job!

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