EricaBaity_PhoneInterviewSo, you’ve finally heard back about your application for the position you’ve been wanting. But before the company schedules an in-person meeting with you, they want to conduct a phone interview.

The thought of answering questions without being able to see the interviewer’s face or gauge their reactions can be enough to kick your nerves into high gear — especially if it’s been a while since you’ve had an interview.

How do you prepare? Here are a few steps that will make your next phone interview a success.

1) Smile While You’re Talking

It may sound silly, but it’s absolutely true: A person can hear you smile through the phone. This is especially important for your phone interview, since the only thing your interviewer has to go off of are your responses to their questions, and how enthusiastic you sound on the phone.

If remembering to smile seems like it’s going to be a struggle for you, start practicing now. You can even place a sticky note wherever you’ll be conducting the phone interview to remind yourself!

2) Take The Call While Standing

Once you’ve started your phone interview, stand up and move around. Standing while talking on the phone gets your body moving, causing energy to flow through your body. That energy will be reflected in your voice, allowing you to be more expressive when getting your thoughts across. Be sure that you’re moving around on a carpet or wearing soft shoes so that you won’t make extra noise.

3) Organize Your Notes

Since you’ll be in motion while on your phone interview, place sticky notes along a wall that will be in your view with the information that you want to touch on. As you’re being interviewed, you can reference those sticky notes to help jog your memory, which will enable you to give the best response to each question you’re asked.

4) Prepare As If It Were An In Person Interview

Just because this is an interview conducted over the phone doesn’t make it any less important  when it comes to securing the job you’re after. Treat this interview just as you would if you were asked to come in and interview with the company face to face. You can download your interview prep guide here.

The phone interview is an important part of the interview process. How you perform during this interview will determine whether or not the company remains interested in you as a candidate, so be sure to plan and prepare accordingly!

If you’re struggling to turn interviews into offers, schedule a 30 minute career coaching session, where we’ll focus on one big thing you can do to land the job you desire.